Personal Information

·First Name: Xiufang, Last Name: Du

·Sex: Female

·Date of Birth: Mar. 11, 1969



·Ph.D., Developmental and Educational Psychology, Shandong Normal University, 2005--2009

·M.Ed., Cognitive Psychology, Shandong Normal University, 1999--2002

·B.A., School Education, Shandong Normal University, 1986--1990

Professional and Academic Positions

·Professor,PsychologySchoolShandongNormalUniversity, 2007—present

·Associate Professor,PsychologySchoolShandongNormalUniversity, 2002—2007

·Lecturer,ZaozhuangNormalCollege, 1990--2002

Research Interests

·decision making

·social cognition

·science inquiry


·Sponsored by the Chinese Psychology Society to ICAP 2010 held inMelbourne.

·The research on theory and practice of primary and secondary students’ scientific literacy. Sponsored by National Social Science Research Funds (2010).

·The influence of college students' risk attitude on their career choice. Sponsored by Social Science Research Funds of Shandong Provincial Education Department ( 2010 ).

·The influence of urban and rural residents’ risk attitude in Shandong Province on their consumer decision-making. Sponsored by Promotive Research Fund for Excellent Young and Middle-aged Scientists of Shandong Province ( 2010 )

Awards and Honors

·First-class Awards of Educational Science Research (2004), Shandong Provincial Education Department.

·Two-class Awards of Social Sciences Research Achievements (2007), Shandong Provincial Education Department.

Selected Publications

1. Du X. F. & Zhao S. Q. The Influence of Self-related Task and Frame on Risky Decision Making. International Congress of Applied Psychology 2010.

2. Du X. F. & Wang Y. X., Zhao S. Q Thirty Years Study of Frame Effect. Journal ofJinanUniversity.2010,(5): 71-74

3. Du X. F. Development of epistemological belief of science Questionnaire for elementary school students. Educational Research and Experiment. 2009, (2): 63-66.

4. Du X. F. & Ren S. H. Epistemological Beliefs:New Topic in Educational Psychology. Chinese Journal of Special Education. 2009,(1): 52-57

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