Personal Information

·First Name: Shumin, Last Name: Chang

·Sex: Female

·Date of Birth: Oct. 17, 1970



·Ph.D., Developmental and Educational Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity, 2007—present

·M.Ed., Educational Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity, 1994--1997

·B.A., School Education,ShandongNormalUniversity, 1990--1994

Professional and Academic Positions

·Associate Professor,PsychologySchoolShandongNormalUniversity, 2004—present

·Lecturer, School Education,ShandongNormalUniversity, 2008--2004

Research Interests

·Applied Developmental Psychology

·Positive Youth Development

Selected Publications

1. Chang S.M. Juvenile delinquency intervention based on strength model. Youth & Juvenile Research, 2011(4):7-9.

2. Zhang W.X. & Chang S.M. Positive youth development and it,s revelations. Studies of Psychology and Behavior. 2011(Supplement ):131-133.

3. Chen L., Zhang W.X., Ji L.Q., Chen G.H., Wei X,&  Chang S.M. Developmental Trajectories and Gender Differences of Aggression during Middle and Late Childhood. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 2011(43):629-638.

4. Zhang J.H., Wang X..L., Chang S.M., Zhang C.F. Structure and Characters for Psychological Qualities of Students from Normal School. Psychological Exploration,2008(1):88-91.