Ning Liu


Ning Liu(刘宁), Ph.D, in Psychology

School of Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity,

No.88Wenhua East Rd.,Jinan,Shandong, P. R. China (250014)

MP: +8618764083709


Education Background

ChineseAcademyof Sciences     Ph.D.        2005.9- 2008.7      Engineering Psychology

ShandongNormalUniversity      MS          2002.9- 2005.7      Cognitive Psychology

Northwest Institute of Light Industry   BS       1996.9- 2000.7      Mechanical & Electronic Engineering

Working Experiences

Shandong Langchao Group        Electronic Engineer      2000.8 -2001.12

ShandongInternational EducationalTrainingCenter   Interpreter& Teaching Assistant 2002.2-2002.8

Nokia NRC    Postdoc 2008.10- 2010.10

ShandongNormalUniversity    Assistant Professor          2010.11-



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Research interests:

Engineering psychology & HCI: attention, driving behaviors and user experience