Lei Han

Lei Han, Assistant Professor at theSchoolofPsychology,ShandongNormalUniversity

E-mail: hanlei-0333@163.com

No.88 East Wenhua Rd., Jinan, P. R. China (250014)


Research Interests

My research intressts include neurophysiological mechanism of personality, cognitive mechanism of adolescent aggressive behavior, cognitive mechanism of creative thinking.


Education Background

2008-2011   Department of Psychology, CentralChinaNormalUniversity

Doctor of Science

2005-2008   Department of Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity

Master of Education

2001-2005   Department of Psychology,ShandongNormalUniversity

Bachelor of Science


Recent Publications

Han, L., Gao, F. Q., & He, J. B. (2011). Personality and shyness: Examining mediation and moderation effects. Psychological Science, 34(4), 889-893.

Han, L., Ma, J., Jiao, T., Gao, F. Q., Guo, Y. Y. & Wang, P. (2010). Differences in early face processing between shy and nonshy undergraduates: Electrophysiological evidence from an ERP study. Acta Psychologica Sinica,42(2), 271-278.

Wang, Q. Q., Wang, P., Han, L., Gong, R. Y., & Gao, F. Q. (2009). The revision of college students shyness scale and its relevant study. Psychological Science, 32(1), 204-206.

Han, L., Ma, J., Jiao, T., Gao, F. Q., et al. (2009). The neurophysiologic difference between shy and nonshy undergraduates in early face processing: an ERP study. The 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (iCBBE 2009), IEEE.

Pan, Q. Q.,  Zhou, Z. K., Ping, F., Han, L. (2009). Moral disengagement in middle childhood: Influences on prosocial and aggressive behaviors. 2009 1st International Conference on Information Science and Engineering (ICISE 2009).

Han, L.,Jiang, N. Z., Wang, P., & Gao, F. Q. (2007). The relationship of coping efficacy, work stress and teacher job-burnout. Studies of Psychology and Behavior, 5(1), 47-52.

Jiang, N. Z., Han, L., Wang, P., & Gao, F. Q. (2007). A comparative study on the factors correlating with teacher job burnout of senior middle school and vocantional middle school. Journal ofShandongNormalUniversity(Natural Science), 22(4),70-73.